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Make Your Plastic Shipping Bags More Brand Aware

May. 23, 2022

Whether a business specializes in apparel, sporting goods, cosmetics or anything in between, there is likely to be a fair amount of competition. Unless they have a master plan from the start, it can be difficult for business owners to make their business brand recognizable. This is largely due to the intense competition; however, it is also because many business owners are not using the right branding tools. Many business owners overlook the benefits of using plastic shipping bags as a branding tool.


However, business owners cannot blindly purchase heavy-duty plastic bags and expect them to be amazing branding tools. Business owners need to do some research on how to brand these bags before they can start reaping the benefits.


Transparent Water Bag


Don't forget the logo!

Almost every business has a logo of some sort. Whether it's a custom font or a detailed image, having a recognizable logo can do wonders for a business. With that in mind, it's easy to see why business owners want to add a logo to their plastic shipping bags. However, when adding a logo, business owners need to consider size and placement. If the logo is too small or located in a hard-to-see location, it can make the bag an inefficient branding tool. To avoid this, business owners should invest in a professional designer for their heavy duty plastic bags.


Use the colors of your business

Many business owners will opt for plain heavy duty bags for shipping. While this may seem like a practical decision, it can actually hinder business. This is because plain plastic shipping bags are unrecognizable and do not evoke emotion.

To make heavy-duty bags more recognizable, be sure to incorporate the business's colors into the bag. For example, if the business logo is red and white, then find a manufacturer that can produce multi-colored bags. Ultimately, when a person sees a red and white bag, they will recognize the brand and know what kind of business it is.


Many business owners know the importance of well-branded plastic shipping bags. Sadly, not all business owners are effective at branding their bags. A few ways this can be done is to integrate the business logo and colors to the exterior of the bag. However, business owners need to keep in mind the size and placement of the logo if they want it to be an effective tool.



For more information on the many ways that heavy-duty plastic bags can make a business's shipping products more brandable, be sure to contact the professionals at Fengyi.



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