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How to Choose Food Plastic Bags?

Jun. 08, 2022

How to identify poor quality plastic bags

1. Distinguish by color

Most of the plastic bags for food are transparent plastic bags, that is, not with obvious color. We can often see some vendors in the food market with red, black and other colored plastic bags for fruits and vegetables, cooked food and meat, etc.. In fact, most of these colored plastic bags are made by adding waste recycling materials, is not in line with the food requirements.


2. Identify with your eyes

Even if the plastic bag is transparent, it should be placed in a place with good light to see if there are impurities. Poor-quality plastic bags if you look carefully at the light, you can see the top of the plastic bag with black dots, dots are unevenly distributed, the size of the different, you can even see cracks in the poor-quality plastic bags. Poor-quality plastic bags are usually used to hold garbage, can not hold food, fruits and vegetables and meat.


3.  Identify with your nose

As poor-quality plastic bags are synthesized with waste recycled materials, so the nose to smell the inside of the plastic bag, you will smell a disgusting smell, this plastic bag is usually toxic, can not be used to hold food and vegetables. Quality plastic bags are no smell.


4. Feel with your hands

Good quality plastic bags with smooth, dense, flat surface, while the surface of poor quality plastic bags are rough, touching with your hands will feel the surface uneven, sticky, astringent.


5. Judge according to the weight

Throw the plastic bag into the water, if the plastic bag sinks to the bottom, it means that the plastic bag is inferior. If the plastic bag floating on the water, it means that the plastic bag quality is better. New material made of plastic bags, with a certain degree of strength, hardness, toughness, will not be a tear on the bad. And poor-quality plastic bags in the production process, you need to add a lot of additives and waste recycling materials, these additives and waste recycling materials will not only have a very strong smell, but also make the plastic bags become very brittle, fragile, bare hands can easily tear such plastic bags.


6. Distinguish according to the sound

Hold the plastic bag in your hands, shake hard, if the plastic bag issued a crisp sound, indicating that the plastic bag is inferior, and good quality plastic bags in the shaking will make a buzzing sound.


Poor-quality plastic bags in the production, because the material itself contains a variety of auxiliary agents, dyes, heavy metals, once loaded into the food just out of the pot, such as buns, soup noodles and other hot food, promoted by the temperature, will lead to the migration of harmful substances in the bag to the food. These recycled plastics contain serious excess of pathogenic bacteria and carcinogens, consumption of such plastic bags filled with food, the harmful substances in the plastic bag will migrate to the human body, endangering health.



How to correctly select plastic bags for food

1. The current national standards for plastic bags are "plastic shopping bags" (GB/T 21661-2020), "commodity retail packaging bags" (BB/T 0039-2013), "plastic bags for daily use" (GB/T 24984-2008), etc. The difference between these three national standards: GB/T 21661 specifies that the thickness of plastic bags should be not less than 0.025mm, to There are printed and printed logo to comply with GB/T 21660, logo to include the name of the plastic bag, standard number, specifications, nominal weight, manufacturer and other information. BB/T0039 in the product classification for the handle type and non-handle type, are to have printed and printed logo to comply with GB/T 21660. handle type clearly specified plastic bag thickness should be not less than 0.025mm. GB / T24984 in the plastic bag thickness should be not less than 0.025mm. T24984 in the plastic bag thickness is not clearly defined, only limited to the type of plastic bags for the bag products without lifting mouth, and the surface of the bag shall not have printing.

2. Plastic packaging bags for food factory is no smell, no odor, there is a special smell of plastic packaging bags, can not be used to hold food.

3. Colored plastic packaging bags (the current market with dark red or black and other colors) can not be used for food with plastic bags. Because this type of plastic bags are often made of recycled plastic with waste recycling.

4. Shopping for food with plastic bags is best to buy in large shopping malls, do not go to the street stalls to buy, the source is not guaranteed.

5. Plastic bags for food is not easy to degrade, and they will cause environmental pollution. Therefore, when buying food, it is best to use less plastic bags, more cloth bags, paper bags and biodegradable environmentally friendly plastic shopping bags, etc., to avoid "white pollution".

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